Save Time

Placing manual calls for a large number of clients is time-consuming. An automatic dialer ensures a streamlined and scalable calling process.

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Increase Sales

An automatic dialer significantly increase a company's sales as it can make many number of calls than a human person in the same period of time. So, resulting in more sales.

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Reduce Manpower

Auto dialer machine helps reduce on manpower by significantly increasing productivity, thereby enabling companies to achieve more achievements with fewer resources.

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Increase Revenue

Using an our zipdial machine, you can generate more leads in your business, ultimately resulting in higher benefits.

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What is Zipdial SIM Based IVR and OBD Machine?

Zipdial is one rampant company in provides the best IVR devices. Our machine are well built with modern hardware technology and the best software to support the machine. We have a many range of products that will be useful for many type of business who is looking to expand its business. From Large scale, mid-scale to small scale everyone can make use of ZIPDIAL IVR machine.

So let's get into the bit knowledge of IVR, which is known as an interactive voice response. This technology allows the bots to interact with public in DTMF tones. Common examples are hotel bookings, banking services, cab booking and many sector is using this technology.

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Zipdial IVR Machine

We Help to Grow Your Business

IVR is the technology that allows phone systems to route calls based on spoken word responses and touch-tone input

  • Efficient call routing - In the wake of getting pertinent data from a given guest, IVR arrangements course calls to the fitting call-focus specialist, lessening stand by times and expanding first contact goals.
  • Lower operational costs - IVR frameworks are extraordinarily practical. They not just lessen high call volumes for client care delegates, however they can stretch out admittance to data during off-top hours of the day, like evenings, ends of the week and occasions.
  • Promote Local Sales - You can also done promote local sales and can be create your own brand.

Active Users


Running Devices


Voice Sended


IVR Receieved

Amazing Features

GSM Voice Terminal Turbo connect your business with GSM world with its compact design and intelligent IVR Machine which satisfies your cost cutting voice communication need and provide next generation state of the art features


Auto Dialer

An auto dialing feature with recording.



Broadcast your voice messages to your audience.


Incoming Calls

Receive incoming calls and set welcome message.


IVR Routing

Transfer your incoming calls to upto 9 mobile numbers.



Get report of all your calls and history.


24x7 Available

Be available to your customers 24x7 even after office close.


Personalized Experience

Record ivr tone in your regional language.

How IVR Works

How Zipdial IVR Machine Work

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