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What is Voice Broadcasting

Zipdial Voice Broadcasting Voice broadcasting is an easy and vital way of mass communication with the help of voice broadcasting we can send pre- recorded voice messages or calls to a large number of people at once. Also, it doesn't need to very high expense to execute the voice broadcasting process. Zipdial voice broadcasting pulpit is a based on newest technology and it is capable of handling huge traffic. you can use voice broadcasting service for announcements, Collaborative polls and surveys, products promotions & marketing, offers, notification, alerts, customer feedback, payment reminder, political calls such as get out the vote, generate leads, provider order status reports, promote events and many more. Zipdial Informatics is a reliable and convenient voice broadcasting solution provider in India.

Voice Broadcasting Procedure

A. Classical Way

Zipdial 1

This is Ram. He need to send a voice message to his customers.

Zipdial 2

He records message and system sends the message to the contacts.

Zipdial 3

Customer listens the audio message.

Zipdial 4

Ram gets the report.

B. Advance Way

Zipdial 1

This is Dev. He needs to send voice campaign, but he only wants interested leads.

Zipdial 2

He send personalized message and prompts customers press #1 to show interest.

Zipdial 3

Customers press #1 and call disconnects.

Zipdial 4

Dev gets desired results with potential leads.

Zipdial 5

This is Nil. He only needs the customers who want to speak to him.

Zipdial 6

He send personalized message and prompts customers press #2 to speak an agent.

Zipdial 7

Customer connect with live agent.

Zipdial 8

Nil gets desired filtered result

Voice Broadcasting Features

Zipdial Add Voice Messages

Record your voice or text message and upload your audio file

Zipdial Import Contact List

Import the contact list in a excel format you wish to send the messages.

Zipdial Tracking Recording

All the calls can be track and record from Zipdial software which is helpful for training and monitoring purpose.

Zipdial Call log Reports

Get call log detailed and insight into the voice broadcasting campaign in real time

Which Industries use Voice Broadcasting Technique

Voice Broadcasting Industries Zipdial

Political Campaigns :

Voice broadcasting technique is very useful for the political campaign. As we all know, politicians seek to connect with as many voters as possible and spend a lot of money to convey their message to the voter. there is a slim probability that they will succeed in reaching every voter. Also, there can be many more challenges for the political parties such as.

  • When the outcome of the election is exceedingly close and they have not been able to effectively connect with the voter.
  • The campaign has not been able to yield any positive results despite spending a lot of money on voter outreach.

In this scenario voice broadcasting is a perfect solution to address this problem. It helps for campaigns to communicate information such as updates, reminders to vote and polling.

School and Universities :

Voice broadcasting feature is used for closing announcements, submissions, emergency alerts and overdue books notices in the school and universities.

Nonprofits Organizations :

Nonprofits organization like churches, public charities, public hospitals, volunteer service organization. These organization can use voice broadcasts to send donation and event, reminders and emergency notifications.

Unions :

Voice Broadcasting feature is boon for Unions. Voice broadcast campaigns help to send notifications to members, reminders to vote, & collect feedback and responses for union issues.

Corporate offices :

voice broadcasting feature can be used for common uses in corporate offices like Sending appointment reminders, updates, personalized offers and discounts, and collecting feedback.

Debt Collection Agencies :

most importantly use of voice broadcasts to send notifications for debt confirmations, payment acknowledgements and overdue payment.

Insurance Companies :

Targeting the specific segment with pertinent plans can significantly help any insurance organization to reach to its customer base with high frequency in efficient manner. Voice broadcasting feature of fixed cellular terminal ZD-R100 Series, specifically designed to target insurance segment, where plans such as insurance plans, pension plans, special plans, unit plans, microinsurance plans and many others can be reach out in voice messages and gather customers response. Hence, the enterprise can do analysis of their customer.

Travel Agencies :

The Zipdial GSM Voice Terminal ZD-R100 advanced features meet the requirements of dynamic market place of traveling. The tailored solutions such as Voice broadcasting for new offers, Auto dialer, click to call, bulk messaging, multiple location-based call routing and call recording for legal compliance are some of the few features of our GSM Voice Terminal for all types of travel companies like hotels and resorts, airlines and travel agents.

Voice Broadcasting :

Voice Broadcasting is an attribute which will broadcasts a voice message to innumerable of customers in short while in the Travel Agencies. It's the need of the hour to deliver the message short and concise so that it can hit the bullseye. Also, arranging a large number of representatives which also means substantially high investment; and manually delivering the message is monotonous task and can create ambiguity among the clients. Zipdial has especially designed economical feasible voice terminal for call centers with voice broadcasting feature to a bridge the gap and cut the share of investment.

Technical Specifications

Model No :
ZD-R100 Voice Broadcasting Software
SIM Port :
GSM SIM Cards Frequency Bands Quad-band-GSM850/1900MHz, 900/ 1800 MHz phase 2+full band
SIM Interface 1.8, 3V SIM Interface
SIM card Slot Nano sim card
Antenna amplifying 3.5db (omni-direction)
Antenna Connection SMA antenna connection
FXS Port :
Connector 2 parallel RJ11 Connector
Dialling and Reception DTMF Dialling
Answering and Disconnect Signalling Polarity reversal for call Connect/Disconnect signalling
Dial tone frequency 450MHz
Picking off voltage 30mA/41mA
Power Supply :
Input External power adaptor 100-240 VAC, 47-63HZ Output: @1.25A
Power Consumption 5W (Typical)
Operation Circumtance :
Operation Temperature -10C~60C
Storage Temperature -20C~70C
Operation Humidity 45%-95%
Others :
Mounting option Wall Mount and table Top
Device Dimensions (LXWXH) 163mmx113mmx32mm
Packing Box Dimensions (LXWXH) 257mmx193mmx64mm
Actual Weight 450 gm
Volumetric Weight 800 gm
Packaging Standard Carton, 20PCS/Carton

Minimum PC Requirement

For Single User :
Operating System WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10 & Any Server
CPU Dual Core & Above
RAM 2 GB & Above
Harddisk 500GB & Above
Connectivity Mode USB Connectivity
For Multi User/Multi Locations : Agent Side
Operating System WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10 & Any Server
CPU Dual Core & Above
RAM 2 GB & Above
Harddisk 500GB & Above
Connectivity Mode USB Connectivity
For Multi User/Multi Locations : Server Side
Operating System WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10 & Any Server
CPU i5 and above depend on No. of user connected
RAM 8GB and above depend on NO. of user connected
Harddisk 1 TB and above
IP Static IP for Multi Location Setup
Bandwidth Depend on Number of Multi Location users
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